Basic Package

The starter or basic package is designed to access the world of digital marketing. It provides the tools you need to boost your business substantially and grow long-term sales – exponentially.

Plus Package

This package is suitable for those who want to see more value added to business and sales. Statistically, it has a better return on investment and has a wider range of benefits.

Premium Package

This package will bring outstanding changes to your business. The package is called the all inclusive package. It guarantees you the best start in the online environment and supports you in high levels of recognition, brand and sales. More budget, more exclusivity and more promotion opportunities for your business.

Custom package 

In addition, you are free to choose individual services and put them together according to your needs to create a unique package. You may have a website and a logo, but you want the premium package or you want to spend more on social media ads to make a bigger impact. Whatever the situation, we are here to help! Contact us on the phone or email with what you want for yourself or your business!

Packages & Services


  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • SEO Starter
  • Basic Web Design


  • Everything from Basic
  • Social Media Marketing +
  • Paid Advertising +
  • Web Design PLUS
  • Branding
  • Full-time Personal Agent


  • Everything from Plus
  • Social Media Marketing++
  • Paid Advertising++
  • SEO Premium
  • Premium Branding
  • Full Web Design
  • Logo
  • Free Hosting
Most Popular


  • Combine Packages
  • Create your unique package
  • Built for your needs
  • Software development

We offer you guaranteed money back within the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with our services. Have you tried our technical help before requesting a refund? You are welcome to send us an email or call us, and our experts will be at your service.